Monday, June 28, 2010

What do you do when you're young, broke and in love?

Being broke sucks.

But being a very creative person who has been penniless before, I know how to have fun.
: D
Mr. Wonderful and I spent the afternoon away at Vivocity's Sky Park splashing about and taking photos.

 (eek! Tree stump legs!)

 I like to call this the posterboy photograph. Just imagine the Air Force motto stamp above his head saying,


 I love this shot!

 Cliche shot.

This is super funny! His feet looks like decomposing feet in the water!

 Dead? Bee floating in the water
This ish nice!

Most of the photos are taken by Mr. Wonderful except those of his photos.
I just didn't like how grainy most of them turned out.


  1. I like the photo of the bee.. :D very nice up close picture

  2. you look like you were having fun. you go girl!

  3. vivocity~ i miss that place...
    i like the 2nd pic... shall we dance?


  4. Aw....the boyfriend and the girlfriend. (:

  5. @hilda thanks! Got it at new look!

    @shirleen Haha! I know :P

    @nana yea we were although we were given odd looks now and then

    @phittera Really what! his skin so freaking fair and wnen you put it in murky-ish water it looks like its dead. Lol!

    @Henry yea! I love that pic too!

    @ken thank you!

    @vialento thanks!

    @ronikenz get a girlfriend! lol!


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