Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you play Frisbee??

One of my favourite team sport is Ultimate Frisbee followed by Netball/Captain's Ball. Well two weeks ago on a hot Saturday morning, the youths in my church organized an Ultimate Frisbee Competition and its into its 2nd year.

I of course, played for the team from my church group, the Legio Maria Auxilium Christianorum Jr Praesidium. It sounds awesome in Latin yes? :D)

Ultimate Frisbee is a bit like Captain's Ball. Except more twisted. For one, if you drop the Frisbee or your team mate doesn't catch it, it goes to the other team. Meaning teamwork, technique and attention to the game is super duper important.

You score when your team catches the disc within the rectangular goal zone at the ends of the field.

And when you score, your team stays within that zone while the opposing team goes to the opposite end. So if you score a lot, no energy wasted jogging to the other end.

That kinda pretty much sums it up. How the game is played depends on the organizers. We played for 15 points or end match at 45 minutes. Which was madness!

If you want to know more, strangely Mindef has rules of play. (My theory is that they introduced the game to NSFs, Mr Wonderful's Major in the Air Force is in a league)
And Singapore has an association for Ulitmate Frisbee!
They have something called pick up games, so you can join a team.

Anyway that day was so clear and bright, we were getting dehydrated and burned. D: The best way to keep the team going was to constantly substitute players. Especially when you a team that's evenly matched.

First match, we trounced our juniors but they held out pretty well :D

(Me up there playing in the second match!)

Second match was crazy intense. Some of our players left so we only had 1 sub and we tired out pretty quickly. But we held out for 45 minutes. We don't want them scoring 15 points although they were close. Heh.

We rested and tried to cool down despite having no shelter from the sweltering heat,

Oh and my team placed 2nd! Which is awesome because last year we didn't place at all.

And we got..

Pepperidge Farm Cookies!


  1. use to play frisbee for fun back in uni..
    yeah, it's not easy to play.. haha.. need lots of practice =)

  2. i've tried this before in australia, honestly not an easy game especially against bigger, stronger white dudes...



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