Friday, September 3, 2010

Singapore City Pass Launch

So on Tuesday, a few Glitterati Plus members and I were invited to the launch of Singapore City Pass by City Tours and were told to dress in our most comfy sightseeing outfits!

Sounds exciting!

I woke up bright and early and headed to the Singapore Flyer for registration and met up with the rest of the G+ members.

Each of us were given this stamp-size Singapore City Pass which makes use of RFID.

Its pretty unique cos City Tours created the first RFID tag that can be loaded with admissions to different attactions, retail, F&B & events, all in one pass.

What does all that mean?

No more queuing and having to handle different tickets of various attractions!

Meet the G+ members! All posing with our Singapore City Pass!
(From left: Mabel, Taqinah, Me, Tracy, Joanne, Joyce, HP, Jian Hao, StellaShu Fen

So why did we each get a pass?

Cos we're going on a tour!

On the


 And to ride the Funvee all we had to do was tap our Singapore City Pass! Pretty much like an EZ-link card but more awesome cos its actually a sticker which you can stick onto the back of your phone.

Ooh! Look at the people who looks like toys from the view of the Funvee!
(Hehe, that's just me making use of my Photoshop skill to create a Tilt-Shift effect) 

It was so hot! But nevertheless we were the only group who braved sitting on top to roast. 

2nd group shot!

This is actually my first time riding on an open top bus and I was like Damn the sun, I'm sitting on top!

While waiting for the other guests to board, I started taking photos.

Giddy with excitement!

The Singapore Flyer!

(I got to admit my composition's improving)

And we're off!

Actually once the bus got moving, it really wasn't that hot anymore.

and the view, unobstructed with windows and a roof, was pretty amazing.

Guess what building?

 Its MBS! We took a scenic route of Singapore's skyline :D

I was squinting from the harsh sun.

Look at the reflection!

 That morning the skies were really clear and cloudy.
And is that a ghost cloud about to eat Singapore's future CBD??

There it is again!

 The future Marina Bay Financial Centre

Oh and ladies, if you want to take the Funvee, It gets really windy!

Tie you hair securely like Taqinah!

And not into a loose braid like mine. Wind blown hair not so great if its not done with a brush and a blow dryer.

Haha using my scarf to shield my head from the awful sun and at the same time channelling the Grace Kelly look. Needless to say I failed. I looked more Middle Eastern than European Royalty.

Tracy and I. <3

If you were wondering where we were heading, here's a clue.

Resort World? Nope.
But its on one of Sentosa's best attraction.

Here are some photos along the way. :D

We drove under a cable car and I took this quick shot of a cable car passing by!

The other guests getting off. Wave to the cameraman!

And here we are! Underwater World Singapore!

They were hosting the launch of Singapore City Pass and its one of the many attractions which you can you use Singapore City Pass to gain admission to!

We were super excited!

I felt like exploring immediately! But I was ushered away. D:

To be greeted by a Ukulele performance!

Its such a unique performance.

We were herded to the Dolphin Suite. Which is the Dolphin Lagoon's VIP Lounge.


 We were treated a Dolphin show from the VIP lounge and there was this banner welcoming us!

 PS: This the new dolphin lagoon! And its beautiful!

 The dolphins are so cute!

 And on the official launch where we learnt more about Singapore City Pass!

Okay quick question,
If you were a tourist, what would you want to join a structured tour package with a fixed itinerary or would you prefer a more flexible and independent way of enjoying your holiday??

Well on one had, tour packages are value for money but flexibility and independence in choosing what you want to do and when is also attractive.

With Singapore City Pass you can!

You can pick and choose what attractions you want to see and when!

I was pretty amazed because you can save up to 20% if you choose to see Singapore sights and attractions through the use of Singapore City Pass.

You can check the website to find out more about their packages. :D

What I'm looking forward to is the themed packages like a food tour! Where I can hop on and off hopper buses to F&B outlets to makan at my own leisure. I can't wait for that!

For now Singapore City Pass can be used at attractions like Underwater World Singapore, The Singapore Flyer, The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari to name a few.

Then it was time for refreshment.

Taqinah mesperized by the pink dolphins swimming in their new home.


We were entertained by the girls with the Ukuleles! I wish I got their names, they're pretty awesome.

Then we decided to explore Underwater World Singapore!

The last time I came here was years ago! They have so many new things like this tank where you can put your hands in. (That's Shu Fen's hands all waiting to be nibbled)

Huge FISH!

Paul! (Lol not really but it could be a relative)

Did you know Underwater World lets you swim with the shark! So cool!

Had trouble taking a photo cos we were on the travellator. D: I think Joyce had more luck.

Wish I could swim inside too!

The Dugong.
So cute! I want one! Its chomping the seaweeds!

Jelly Fishes!

It was fun exploring Underwater World Singapore after a long long time and using Singapore City Pass allows you to See More! Do More! Get More!

(Psst the G+ members who attended are planning on an outing using our Singapore City Pass, we plan on going on the Captain Explorer DUKw Tour soon!)


  1. wah...the fish tank can put hand in interesting !!

  2. wow! ur trip seems really FUN! and Best of all its FOC! hehehehehe!

  3. But I want to see the casino D:

  4. i want go there...i want go there....!! lor...

  5. your tour seemed fun! i like the photo of the SG flyer.

  6. walao eh! so fun la! but without me not fun! XD

  7. Great way to be introduced to Singapore. Fun and convenience in one neat package. If they just added Hotels in Singapore to the menu, it would be perfect.


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