Friday, September 10, 2010

Overwhelming Nostalgia

Okay, taking a short break from immersing myself in my notes.

On Thursday my one of my Godmother (apparently I have a few godparents) and a few of her colleagues from the Department of Education in the Philippines came to visit! They're leaving tonight tho. D:

My Godma is actually my aunt on my Dad's side.
Well, they decided to go to Malaysia and Batam since they've been to Singapore a few times.
(If not for my exams, I'd go along with them to Malaysia D:)

And I decided to share with you what my Aunt bought for us! Well the things that interests me anyway. Hehe.

Snacks from back home!
Oh how I miss the high-cholesterol, high-sugar, high-calorie, high-fat content snacks of Philippines.

Coco Jam and Peanut Butter!
Among that are my two favourite bread spread! Coco Jam and Peanut Butter. Homemade. :D
Coco Jam is like Kaya but so much more smoother and sweeter and sticky-er. XD



Peanut Butter

You can probably tell I'm obsessed with the Peanut Butter. You would too if I tell you that its, creamy smooth, and sweet. I can't stand dry peanut butter, Its yucky and it always somehow gets stuck on the back of my teeth.

Peanut Butter Love

Oh and here's another thing my Godma gave me.


She's an Acoustic from Cebu, the province that's best known for its historical sights, scuba diving and hand-crafted guitars.

You probably met Charlie from my now defunct Project 52.
2/52 - Me and My Guitar
Charlie is Mr. Wonderful's guitar.

Now Charlie the classical guitar has a girlfriend. XD


  1. i miss playing the guitar.. my sister took mine already!

  2. WOW girls who play guitar are coooool and still i love your pictures lah! :((

  3. i love peanut butter too, used to eat them just like that with a spoon xD

  4. @vince abit :P

    @ken why'd she take it?

    @ronikenz Aww Thanks! :P

    @Hilda Peanut Butter rules! I eat them off the spoon too if I can get away with it.


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