Monday, August 30, 2010

Five Things - Study Companions

I'd like you to meet my study companions.

Everyone, my study companions.
My study companions, everyone.

This is a cup of tea.
polka dot tea party

I used to have red bull but I decided, I'm going to be a tea person from now on.
(I can't keep off caffeine no matter how hard I try, so I figured I might as well get my fix from something light and soothing)

8523 Digital Music?

I think everyone would agree that this is the universal companion to studying. I happen to have a thrifted Tokyo Cafe: Stylish Cozy & Breezy album which is stylish, cozy & breezy just as described! I think the perfect music to study to. (cos I don't know Japanese and I wont be able to sing along!)
If not, I'd be listening to classical music or anything instrumental.


A bandage.
Cos I get callouses on my left index finger from all the writing! (I'm left-handed by the way)
My method of studying, I HAVE to write notes. TONS of notes.
Its like I'm imprinting the notes in my brain as I write them. I wonder if they crack open my brain, will they see  10+ years of notes imprinted in them?

Pastel Sugar Cubes

Sugar fix.
Super unhealthy but gosh what a comfort in such stressful times. N'est-ce pas?


Not forgetting, Beautiful stationery.
My number one crippling weakness.  I love beautiful stationery. They're like my chicken soup for my soul. Be it note books or pens in every colours of the rainbows and in between.

So there you have it. My five study companions. What's yours?


  1. love the combinations of photos and words..
    ya,tea is better.
    the songs are nice..i can play them when i am revising too..

    *came from innit...nanged*

  2. lets see... emmm a pen, a paper, my notes and maybe some music, depending on what subject I'm studying

  3. beautiful stationery and sugar fix for sure!

  4. @hweeen Glad you like the songs :D

    @Vince Nope. Swearing off coffee. Except maybe for the occasional Starbucks Caffe Mocha. :D

    @Erika Yup Tea! It doesn't yellow my teeth as much.

    @Hilda Yesyes!

  5. Hey, thks for the nang & I've done the same!

    Lovely pix. Well, my best study companion is my Osim Leg Massager. Hahaha!

    Luxury Indulgence


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