Friday, August 13, 2010

Street Photography - Tourists!

Mr. Wonderful and I were at One Fullerton and I thought,

Why not take photos of tourists!

Well taking photos of tourists taking photos. Lol!

 Mm.. Starbucks and the Merlion. what a great photo-op!

Take not of crazy tourist on the merlion. Almosts makes me want to submit this to Stomp. Maybe I will.

Focus was all wrong above. Sigh. No time to review photos that day cos I wanted to capture as many photos as I can. But it still turned out nice I think.

Much better!

Another crazy tourist!

Aww. I wanna hug the mini merlion too!

I didn't know the merlion brings people luck if you touch it. Hmm.

Anyway that's it for that. I do have another set below.


  1. very interesting photos here.. taking photos of the photographers...

  2. Haha! Thanks! I thought it would be an interesting perspective!


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