Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cigarette Pants. Its as sexy as it sounds.

Oh gosh, I want a pair.

I was blog surfing when I really should be studying,
(I promise I'll study after this! This is just to good that I have to blog about it!)

I came across these sexy cigarette pants from Size Too Small.

They 're from Urban Outfitter but I can't wait to see similar pieces in fashion stores here!

One problem tho.

I'm cursed with big hips.


And not just you know slightly wider hips but one size wider hips.
Can you imagine how frustrating it is to find a good pair of jeans or in this case Cigarette Pants?


  1. i like super fit and tight jeans :)

  2. wow Urban Outfitters ! haha they have loadsa amazing stuff from what i've heard

    i cant remember the last time i wore jeans cause i can hardly fit in any from my closet

    i like the white one , pair it with a pair of killers heels , WALLA perfecto !

  3. they looks like skinny jeans! hot and smexy :D

  4. nice nice... i like girls with skinny jeans... now the call it cigarette pants? lol


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