Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Am_________

 How do I feel of the hostage crisis that took place in Manila Philippines on Monday and the aftermath?

I am of course, saddened and angered at how the whole tragedy played out.

I empathize and sympathize with the Hong Kong government, its people and the victims. I have lived too long in Singapore to know that a government must take responsibility and not distance itself from such an ugly situation.

I am disappointed with how Ninoy Aquino handled the situation. He should have been involved in this from the start, he should have kept in contact with the HK government and its people.
It was bad form for him to smile at a press conference addressing the situation.
I am angered over the way how the police handled it. Yes they were unequipped and untrained but that's no excuse. Civilian lives were at stake, get them out. That should be their uppermost concern. It was frustrating  to watch it played out live.

I am livid at how some people treat this so lightly.

And I don't know if I should be amused or alarmed at this.

One thing for sure, I'd knock their heads together. Idiots.


  1. good one , finally someone writes about this

    first the whole fucking casualty can be avoided , i dont understand how they handle the whole god damn situation

    but to be honest i am not angry at the hijacker , i pity him , but i am extremely angry that not only they have no respect for the deceased .

    if i were there at the press conference i will throw my shoes at Ninoy Aquino , how can he still not taking the whole damn thing seriously

    no offends to all my Filipino friends but i wanna bitch slap all those cam whores who think that its funny or cool to take stupid photos at the incident scene.

    all my sincere prayers to the departed

  2. wow...agree with Vampire !
    it is not nice to cam whore in front of those scenes.... just a photo will do ! If there's no casualty, maybe its OK.

  3. @vampire and @ronnie I'm glad you all feel the same way about this.

  4. hey there, just got here from the brat's blog. anyway, things wouldnt have got uglier if that Ninoy dude showed his sympathy, not smiling. and those filipino showed no respect at all to the unfortunate hostages who died by taking pictures smiling and all that.
    have they got no respect to humans lives? or things like killings, kidnappings are so common that they are immune to deaths? sad things really..


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