Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sun & Fun

I spent the day at the beach on Monday. It was stormy in the morning making us almost cancel our plans but by afternoon the sky cleared up.
Being by the sea, it hypnotizes me and calls to me.
Do you have a favourite place that just sings to and sooths your soul? It sounds very whimsical but yes that's what it feels like when I'm there.

Mr, Wonderful

Went there with Mr. Wonderful and my best friend Fran.


Fran's Finger on my face. Lol!


My cute best friend!

Sky & Shade

We were busy playing Frisbee so I didn't take much photos. Strangely no photo of the sea. Huh.

I also took a Frisbee to my right eye courtesy of Fran. Thank goodness I didn't get a black eye.


  1. hehehe.. very enjoyin ya ;) wink~

  2. WOOTS! I was here but i didn't see you. Hah.


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