Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things I Love

Here's a recent list of loves..

A starbucks moment

My starbucks moments with Mr. Wonderful.

A starbucks moment is one where we sit down in a starbucks, with a drink or two and chat about anything and everything under the sun!

I love it because despite being together for two years, I'll be still pleasantly surprised to discover something new about Mr. Wonderful and its a wonderful way to bond than just sitting in a dark cinema hall watching a show.

A well loved ipod touch

Mr Wonderful's ipod touch is obviously well loved and its currently back in his possession. I miss it terribly already. D:

Chapter XXXI

And I'm totally in love with the present Mr. Wonderful got for me for our two year anniversary! Can you guess what?? Well the thing is I asked for it.
He was planning to get me a Krumpler five million dollar home for my second hand camera!
*GASP!* I know! How unromantic right??
Lucky I opened my mouth.
I shudder to think of our 50th wedding anniversary. He'd probably give a vacuum cleaner.


(PS: I told him to save the Krumpler for my birthday)

Book jacket

Okay its pretty obvious in this photo what it is.

Pride & Prejudice

He got for me Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice! My favourite book!
In hard cover!

Okay in my old blog I think I listed down what I wanted to own and one of them was a First edition, first run of publication of Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice.
Obviously the one he got for me isn't a first edition first run of publication but it is a hardcover book with beautiful original illustration by Hugh Thomson for Pride & Prejudice and its first edition text! No bridged or edited version.

I'm in bookworm heaven.

Now to get him to buy for me all Penguin's Beautiful Clothbound Classic...


  1. a vacuum cleaner also okay what.. haha.. =P


    p.s. I didn't mean to ignore the rest, but Starbucks just hype me up XD

  3. great to see Mr. Wonderful giving u books..!!

    And luckily my Ms. Wonderful did not give me books.... i hate to read books !!

  4. @Ken Lol! Lemme see you give that to your future wife and see what happens!

    @Vin STARBUCKS! Haha! My one of my favourite indulgence!

    @Ronnie Lol. I'm a bookworm! So books are major loves!

  5. Can i meet mr. wonderful? Btw i thought you're holding an i phone 4 luh. Wtf. :O


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