Friday, August 20, 2010

How I process my photos

I confess, I'm a serial photoshopgrapher.

I especially love giving my photos the vintage or lomography effect and sometimes the process gets so tedious!

Well, I learn something new and I don't really like sharing my bag of tricks when it comes to editing my photos but I'll do it just this once because I'm trying to care & share. (I'm a very selfish person. Heh.)

So you want to learn how to turn this..

Into this?

Or this..

Into this with with just one click??

Let me tell you how. 

First of all you need a plain boring photo.

Like this photo of vintage cards I scored at an antique flea market.

And you need Photoshop. (I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS5)

Open up you photo in PS.

(you have to click the photos to see the larger version)

Look for the icon with the Play button. Circled in red above.
That is you Action button and is usually grouped together with your History tab.

Well basically what Action do is record what how you edited your photo and saves it so that it saves you the trouble of doing all the editing process again if you want to apply the same editing process to a batch of photos.
And that's what I did for the photographs in my previous post.

Select the action you want. For me I used the action I saved previously which is my very first lomography effect!
Then click the play button circled in red.
(PS: The selection should be the action and not the folder like you see in the above picture.)


And here's one using one of the vintage effect action I have. XD

If you don't like the effect you can always revert it by going to File>Revert.

And as a bonus, Here's my Lomography Effect Action for download!
(See, I'm not so selfish after all!)

As for installing it, its the same like installing brushes, except you save it under the folder Brushes. Or you can just double click the .ATN file and it opens up on Photoshop.

If you are looking for more actions, there's plenty of free downloads floating in the internet. You just got to search for it.

So what'd you think of my first tutorial?
Any questions?


  1. you're the girl ! woot awesome-ness

  2. nice tips.. haha.. but i rarely lomofy my pics =P

  3. Great tips! I'm totally gonna use it(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  4. LOL. I used to photoshop before. But now since I have a vintage cam, need not anymore.
    Anyways, the effect is nicely done.

  5. Thanks for sharing the plugin and a simple guide. Hmm, I rarely play with heavy editing for my photos before. Maybe I should give a try. =)

  6. @vampire yes I am! :D Lol Not only am I selfish I'm conceited as well. heh.

    @ken lol. Like I mentioned I'm a serial photoshopgrapher! I like having this nice lomography and vintage effects in my photos. More romantic yea?

    @Effi Yay!

    @naim Ooh! Vintage cam! I'm trying to dig out dad's old cameras to try my hand at using film cameras but they went missing!

    @tolanic yes you should its fun!

    @H-n-f Thanks!

    @daphne YAY! :D


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