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Asia Pacific Brewery Tiger Beer Tour!

Did I tell you I love my course??

Tell me what course of study (apart from F&B) allows you to go on a Beer Brewery Tour?

*Jumps about and waves hands in the air*

My course of course. Hehe.

This is the model of the APB compound. Lol. Only half my class went and the other half on another day cos it was a  wednesday and we had plans!
My classmate Dom. Doesn't like to take pictures. No idea who's the lady at the back.

Group photo of us who went! Obviously my class had more girls. Out of 20 only 5 are actually guys.

Meet our tour guide: Whatshisname. (this was last month so I forgot! >.<
Anyway, he's a pretty funny guy, made the tour interesting. He told us about how APB or as it was formerly known then, Malayan something something Brewery..

Hmm. Anyway, interesting fact here. Anchor Brewery Company was a German brewery and seized by the British in the 1940s during the war. APB then bought it over.
ABC was the local favourite and Tiger the British favourite then.

Oh and the main reason why Tiger was set up:

Apparently the British soldiers from Britain being sent to the far east (which is here - Malaysia and Singapore) were worried that there'd be no beer. British Prime Minister then, Winston Churchill said this,

"There will be beer"

So there you have it, Tiger Beer was the official beer of the WWII Allied Forces.

 And that cute lil bottle up there was the Tiger Cub. During the war, it was so hard to get ingredients that they created a toned down version of Tiger Beer, meaning less alcohol. And that is the only known bottle to have survived the war.

 This is my favourite! The first ever Beer Lady! Haha! Love her dress!

 Advertising and marketing campaign throughout the years. The weirdest being the Drunken Prawns. The most successful being, What time is it?
This year, "It's Time"
Apparently we event students don't watch alot of television or we're not very susceptible to marketing and advertising that's bombarding us 30,000 times a day cos we had no idea thatJessica Alba was Tiger's brand ambassador last year or that this year, it was Wayne Rooney.

*tsk tsk* we're not going to be really good event planners if we're not up to date on stuff like that. *roll eyes*

 The last beer brewed in the old brewery where Anchorpoint once stood.

Some Tiger paraphernalia.  

Oh before you scroll down, Tiger's biggest competitor is Carlsberg and their tag line is 'Probably the best beer in the World'

Do you know why? Look below.
The Washington Post in the 1970s did a blind test of which was better and declared Tiger as "Positively the best beer in the world"

 And they've got medals and awards to prove it. And a permanent trophy from some competition for winning ALOT of their competition. Apparently showcased here are only some of it. They've got over 40 awards if I'm not wrong.

 Please do not believe this. As my classmate says - Its all propaganda. My lecturer had to do a follow up on the dangers of alcohol on our health after school management heard that the Tour told us beer was good for us. Lol!

(Apparently Beer's good for sports, your health, has good nutritional value and there's no such thing as a beer belly - Zoom in if you want to read)

 In case you're interested, Beer's made from a few ingredients - Malt, Hop and Water.
Roasted Malt gives you darker beer or stout and Malt is your lighter beer like Tiger and Heineken.

We're not allowed to take photos in the brewery and packaging itself but it was an interesting tour and the produce about 40,000 cans of beer an hour and 10,000 bottles of beer an hour.

They export about 40% for the beer brewed and the other 60% is for local distribution.

If you ever buy Tiger overseas just take not of the glass used. Its alot thinner than the local beer bottles cos in Singapore they recycle the beer bottles. So umm, don't stuff the beer bottles with cigarette butts or chicken bones cos they won't be able to flush it out.

(I'm fully 100% behind their recycling programme! and don't worry they've got ISO accreditation on how the bottle's cleaned!

 The first Tiger Beer Truck that made the first deliveries!

So here's what they brew at APB.
 Tiger. Obviously.

Heineken. (Heineken N.V. has a share in the APB)


Anchor Beer


And here's what the import:



 Bulmer's is apple cidar, Newcaslte Brown Ale, John Smith - stout I think and Sol- mexican beer.


 And now to the Tiger Tavern for Beer tasting! As students we're not allowed to taste some of the brands they import cos of alcohol level although usually they're at most only 10% and lower.

This obsession with alcohol content is apparently a very Asian thing. In Europe they couldn't care less if you drink Rum that has enough alcohol to kill if you drink more than the standard serve.

I fell in love with this place! This is what a Pub or a Tavern should feel like! Only that it's air conditioned. Lol!

Coursemates who were playing at the pool table.

The very very nice door!

That guy there is the awesome lecturer who planed all this!

A Tiger Tavern tradition is that your first beer must be a Tiger.

And on to the sampling! We tried Sol, my favourite the malt taste is strong, slightly drier than Tiger, Heineken which was alot more lighter than tiger, Irish Ale, Heineken and some I really can't remember. Apparently other beers were served in shot glasses. If you consider those glasses above a shot glass.

Did I mention it was free flow??

Mr. Wonderful was J-E-A-L-O-U-S ~

Going for the tour was pretty much one of the highlights of this semester.

Awesome much?

Anyway, its a pretty cool tour to attend if you're bored of where you usually go to. Educational in way and its only $10.70 per person. :D
I only paid 2.70 cos my school subsidized.


  1. Brian - UK ( 22, 2011 at 12:18 AM

    In the mid 60's while based at RAF Tengah we frequently visited the Tiger Brewery on Wednesday afternoons (Sports afternoons!!)to sample Tiger and Anchor Beers

    I would then stagger home to River Valley Road where I lived with my family!

    Not really staggering but in a mellow mood.

  2. I like your posts... Have you seen this APB contest to win dream holiday, iPad, Camera and more!


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