Sunday, August 22, 2010

Macaroons! Important lessons learnt.

(image from

Ever seen one of these online?
(cute delicious confectionaries - Macaroons!)
Ever wondered what it tastes like?
(Crispy on the outside, soft, fluffy and buttery on the inside)

Ever wanted to make one?
(I did.)

And I did.

And I was so EXCITED! Excited!

And this is how it turned out. D:

I was so excited! I even sat infront of the oven watching my macaroons become HUGE and Fluffy!
Even tho its all different sizes, I didn't care that much cos its FLUFFY!
But it deflated.

Lessons learnt in my mini adventures in macaroon making:

1. Don't be a wuss when it comes to food colouring. Put more to get a really nice purple colour.
2. Ditto for vanilla extract. (Sigh, that's like 50c for each drop of vanilla extract)

3. Use more icing sugar in the batter. Asia is more humid and humidity deflates the macaroons like a pin to a balloon. 

4. Don't use the wrong side of the baking paper. O.o
(At least the inside is soft like what macaroons should be!)

5. Let the batter sit on the pan for half an hour to let it settle to get the smooth top a macaroon should look like.

and the most important lesson of all.

6. Play Cooking Mama.
(To practice making the perfect circular macaroon)


  1. it's ok... looking fwd to more attempts from u ya! i love macaroons!

  2. my 1st time seeing macaroons is from masterchef australia. They were really colourful. Good attempt from u :) Hope to taste it.

  3. cupcakes is so yesterday Hello Macaroons lol

    i used to collect loadsa pretty photos of it but never really taste one yet, so fascinated by the colors

    but i heard there's a Confectionary selling it in Hartamas area but i went there once but too bad i went on a Sunday and it was closed


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