Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Quickies

So here are quick updates from my last week where I was too busy to blog >.<

1. I went for Granado Espada V 5.0 Renaissance Ball
2. Went for Sinema Showoff for screening of Masala Mix 2
3. Went for Halloween Horrors at Night Safari
4. Gonna work tomorrow at Mediacorp Subaru Impreza Challange 2010
5. Gonna go to the Substation for First Take screening tomorrow
6. Gave my blog a new look!
7. And I have yet to write a post of above events and some of them are like closing in on deadline! >.<

I'm pretty sure I missed out something, Gosh I need to get organised. Or get a PA.
Anyone willing to work as my PA for peanuts??

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