Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Review: Let Me In

I was invited to watch the preview of Let Me In on Thursdays night and its all
thanks to the wonderful people over at for inviting me!

Anyway, the movie is about a boy, Owen and how he befriends Abby, his new neighbour.
From the moment Abby and her father moved in, gruesome, ritualistic murders started happening where the victims are drained completely of blood.
Unknown to Owen, Abby is really a vampire and her guardian, a man she says who is her dad, are behind the murder.

I wont say anymore to spoil it!

Let Me In is an American remake of the swedish film, Let the Right One In.
Which is based on a swedish book of the same title.

I've heard of the Swedish Film but was disappointed that it wasn't going to be shown in Singapore.

But then I heard that they were making "Let Me In", the American remake for worldwide release!

Yes so even before I was invited to the preview of the film, I was pretty excited about it especially when I found a website that went viral,

In the website you are suppose to solve the riddle and as you solve each riddle you are shown an image from the scene, all scary, all very intriguing.

My curiosity was naturally aroused and I solved every riddle after much hard work and brain scratching.
The campaign ended with a deleted scene from the movie which I won't embed here cos you have to try it out yourself at

But I'll leave you with one of the images that one of the riddle will show you.

Its a rather significant image you see and you have to watch the film to find out. :D

As for my personal opinion, I would say that I'd have to watch the Swedish film to make a judgement but from this film, I'd say its really brilliant.

I won't really consider it as a horror film, I'd actually categorise it as an art film with lots of gory images.
The movie focuses on the character development of the two main characters, Owen and Abby and their relationship. It was a little draggy.

I also love the film's portrayal of vampires.
1. She doesn't sparkle
2. She's a hunter first and foremost and human's are just prey

I guess with the trend of vampire movies (Twilight) and TV shows (True Blood and Vampire Diaries) we tend to see vampire as glamorous super humans instead of creatures that have no qualms of killing humans regardless of age, race and political outlook.

So if I were to rate the movie I'd give it a 4 out of 5.
So yes its a must watch!
It opens in theaters on 9 December

PS Beware of who you invite into your home.

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