Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Quickies

Time again for Monday Quickies!

1. I'm gonna get a DSLR~ (More on that soon!)
2. I went for Anime Fest. FOC. Hee! I love networking.
3. I went for the movie preview of Let Me In thanks to Review in post before this.
4. I am too busy to do any major blog updates unless I have to. Sigh...
5. I'm celebrating my 21st birthday this weekend! I'm sorry for those that I can't invite. Its just me and my close friends. I'm pretty broke to celebrate. If not for Mr. Wonderful, I won't even be celebrating. 
He's just so darn insistent that everyone deserves to celebrate their 21st. Apparently he didn't get the notice that Jehovah's Witnesses played a pivotal role in my childhood. Birthdays to me if celebrated is a bonus, if not.. *shrugs* its cool.

So nothing much for now, Pretty swamped with school work.

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