Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Quickies

Monday Quickies!

I love monday quickies! I don't have to write alot. Most of the time anyway.
Soo how was your weekend??
Mine was awesome but intense. Instead of slowing down as I enter the third week of school the pace is still the same. Sigh..

Anyway for the past week this is what happened,

1. I went for Bobbi Brown Beauty Workshop! Will blog sometime this week and will let you decide if I look better or like a clown.
2. Mr. Wonderful came back from Genting! Yay! and I'm so happy! He bought me the bag I was craving for when I started threatening him. I was worried the bag would be OOS. So the first thing he did when he got back was get the bag. He's so sweet!
3. I worked for Tone selling concert tickets at the door. Tone by the way is this awesome a capella group! My classmate Qi Min, her boyfriend's one of the singer.
4. We set up the Christmas tree! Yay Christmas is exciting! We've yet to put up the decoration tho.
No radioactive tree this year I hope >.<

So that's what happened to me this week. :D

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