Monday, November 22, 2010

Turning 21

(No monday quickies this week!)

Today I turned 21

I feel terrible. I really blame Mr. Wonderful for this. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday.

In summary I ate alot (High Tea Buffet), drank alot (Tequila shot after buffet, two house pour drinks I can't remember and a Waterfall later at night), got dead drunk and suffered the worst hangover the next day.

Up to now I'm still suffering from the lingering effects of my gluttony.

Physically, that's how I feel.

Anyway, on a deeper level, 21 is a huge milestone for anyone. I'm grateful and glad I spent it with loved ones. Truthfully, the weeks leading up to my birthday was filled with excitement and dread. I didn't really prepare myself for this. 

Despite the weeks of anticipation, I'll liken today as having a baby grand being dropped on my head.

I'm 21. So what am I suppose to do? What does it all mean?

(Yep, completely ill-prepared, no wishes, dreams or hopes for the future. The best I did was save my candles and today's newspapers)

I do have some regrets. Like if I can do this day all over again, I'd like to prepare myself.

Don't mind me, I'm just in a melancholic mood.
I just realized I have to start paying taxes now.

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