Friday, November 5, 2010

Supporting Local Talents and Why You Should

Once again, Five Things Wednesday for this week is cancelled. My busy schedule is killing me.


How many of us watch local films?

I'm not talking about films produced for cinemas.

I'm talking about local independent films.

I'm pretty sure you'll all go like,

"where got?"
"Singapore film? Cannot make it lah!"

Well let me ask, how do you know?
Have you watched any before?

I wasn't aware of the local film industry here in Singapore until recently. I mean when we talk local film, Mediacorp or rain tree production comes to mind.

AND some of these films have been featured in International film festivals!
So don't say CMI. You discredit your own country's talents.

It was only recently, when we had to attend a couple of film screening for one of my school modules that I realise that yes, Singapore has a small but thriving independent film community and support for them has been mainly underground and not mainstream.
Yet, the support is strong.

One of the venue where local talents are supported.

First take is the Substation's monthly free film screening.

They also have Q & A sessions to give the audience an opportunity to ask questions about their film from how they did it to why they did it.

I really think, they should go mainstream because some of these films are really beautiful and they address or put to light issues and quirks of society.

Apart from  Substation, there's also Sinema Old School.

 My classmates and I with one of our lecturer who's a huge supporter of independent films.
Why else would we have to attend these screening for our module??

That's right, support local films!

They also hold Q&A sessions.
I'm not sure when they hold their free screenings.

Going for their free screenings are an awesome way to go out on a date.
Also please support the industry by going for their paid screening as well!

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  1. i love Malaysia local film from late Yasmin Ahmad, Khabir Bathia, and Afdli Shauki...other than that, just watch for fun...


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