Monday, February 14, 2011

How to celebrate Valentine's Day without falling in the commercial trap

I heart Valentine's day but I hate how commecialised it is. So here is the Waking Up Famous Guide to celebrate your love.

1. Don't celebrate on Valentine's Day.
Frankly, you don't need to celebrate your love on this day itself. Be spontanous! Every day is acceptable to celebrate your love.
Mr. Wonderful and I will be celebrating it on Thursday.

2. Its not about the huge bouquet of roses, expensive candle light dinners or premium chocolates.

So first of all gifts, alternative less costly but still meaningful gifts to give for Valentine's Day be it for your soul mate, best friend or family.

From left to right:

1. Bake a Valentine's Waffle together for breakfast
2. Get this cute sequin heart brooch/hairclip from for you and your best friend
3. Don't feel guilty about buying this couple Mr. and Mrs Moustache coffee mug because you're supporting artisans. For mum and dad.
4. Print out this downloadable stickers and stick on to your lover's favourite fruit to tell them how naturally swee they are.
5. Another cute printable to print and frame up as a gift!
6. No time to print? Once again if you have to buy something get one that supports artisans and are eco-friendly with this poster.

Got the gift? Good. Now the activity. Here are my top favourites things I did with and things to do with Mr. Wonderful.

1. Catch a free film screening at either Sinema Old School or the Substation and support indie film makers.

2. Go to a museum.

3. Prawn Fishing!

4. Cook food together, and snuggle up on the sofa for a classic romantic comedy movie. If the food fails, there's always take out. :P

There really is a variety of alternatives out there. You just have to be creative and research abit. PS. I published this post late because I really had no time to do it and you should watch the video above to find out another reason why? :D

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  1. Heya lady, happy belated valentine day to u too!! :P


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