Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretty Woman Week: What's Your Name?

Edward Lewis: What's your name?
Vivian: What do you want it to be?

(PS. I know this post is completely unrelated to the movie Pretty Woman but the quote got me thinking)

Dear Readers, do you give your other half an endearing name?

I call mine, Mr. Wonderful.
He used to be called St Kevin. He is my first boyfriend you see and being in my first relationship I really was quite skittish and he had to put up with my hot and cold attitudes and my idiosyncrasies and I told him one day,

"You should be sainted for putting up with me.  
St Kevin, the patron saint of suffering boyfriend"

Then somehow it evolved to Mr. Wondeful.

If you must know why he was reading this book, we actually bought it for my sister's birthday in March. He was quite curious about it you see. He confessed to me that his childhood wasn't as exciting as mine was. (Think climbing coconut trees, "borrowing" sampan to row out to sea, stealing my great grandma's rolled up cigarette to try etc)

He actually wanted to the "The Dangerous Book for Heroes" for himself cos he thinks the book I got for him for his 21st was too small. Boys.

I digress, I originally want to name him Mr. Darcy, my favourite male protagonist from Jane Austen's books, Pride and Prejudice, but he really was more of a Mr. Charles Bingley than anything else, so it was a no. You can't have Lizzie and Mr. Bingley together! (Oh the horror! and yes I tend to see myself as a Lizzie Bennet, call me delusional if you must)

I had a brief thought of calling him "the man" then immediately discarded it. 
His chest is wide enough but I can already imagining it puffing up more from the ego boost he'll get for getting that nickname. Surely you ladies can understand why.

So that's why I stuck with Mr. Wonderful. Cos he is in essence the meaning of it.

So what bout you? What's your pet name for your other halve or what would you like to call your other half for those who've yet to find him?


  1. Aren't pet names just the best? It's like a secret code for couples (except that everyone uses "dear" and "baby" all the time so it's not so secret anymore).

    Although my boyfriend and I will call each other by "baby" in general, I am so fond of giving him random names like Honeybunny or 'The Boypren'. (:

  2. Yea I agree! pet names are the best especially if there's a meaning behind it and then its truly special and Lol at "The Boypren"!


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