Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Black Dress

I've always griped about how its disgustingly hard for me to find clothes or more specifically dresses that both fit my waist and my hips.

Its either perfectly nipped at the waist and absolutely constraining on my hips, or perfect at the hips but so loose on the waist.

I know the best solution is a bandage dress but I'm not into dresses that wraps me up like a sausage. A lumpy bulgy one mind you, due to the stretch fabric.

If you're wondering if this is another post lamenting about the injustice of having a hip size bigger than my waist, you all can take a big sigh of relief. Cos its the opposite.

Last week, I saw a dress. A little black toga dress.

I tried it on, I fell in love with it immediately. It fit me like a dream (altho I still have a bit of bulging tummy but who doesnt??)

Altho it was ridiculously marked down, it was still pricey. I won't mention the price. Okay nevermind, since I practically told everyone who would listen the price and I can't help but brag at how awesome the bargain was, it was orginally priced at $305 and marked down to $120.

I decided to put it at back despite Mr. Wonderful's insistence that I get it cos he thinks I look hot in it. *rolls yes*

Now, a week later after much deliberation and a strange reoccurring dream of me wearing that dress. I went back, tried it, realised I wasn't dreaming when it still fitted me perfectly but still have that damn tummy bulge.

There and then, I said, "Its now or never"

I got it. For $95 ish. It was marked down further.

I am so glad I waited.

Here's the dress with the beautiful beaded details on the sleeve and the bodice. (PS. Just realised that the sleeve is so like the puffy sleeve of my national costume. Haha!)

I have no idea where I should wear it still (I have 3 events in mind) but its always good to have a little black dress in your closet.

Consider it an investment. Don't have one? Get one. A good quality one and not the Bugis Street variety. Make sure the cut and silhouette is timeless and classic so it doesn't pass with the trends.

Oh and I know you'll ask where I got it from. Dresscode, Level 1 of The Cathay. Its a multi label boutique, I saw a Marc by Marc Jacob Bag and Lanvin for H&M shoes. Dresses are mostly Hong Kong High street fashion lines.  Not sure when the sale end tho

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