Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Woman Week: The Dress

Pretty Woman maybe set in the 90s but some of the clothes are timeless.

My favourite being the dress she wore to the Polo Match.

She also carries this cute shoulder bag to match. Its hard to get the photo but if you watch this scene below you'll see.

One of my favourite colour combinations are brown and cream. I just find the combination elegant. So, I'm putting together an inspiration board for the look and the colours. :D

From left to right:


  1. I only saw your post today - i posted something similar today (at the end of pretty woman week). I made a brown dotted dress that is suppose to reference the exact one you are blogging about - not many pictures of it out there... cool.

  2. haha i remember watching that movie when i was a kid but back then i did not understand the whole thing

    my fav scene is when she really dressed up and walked into the store and the snobbish sales assistants could not recognize her

    i hate people like them , they still exist in our society nowadays esp in high end malls , haha they judge their customers by what they wear ..its rude and seriously who do they think they are


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