Friday, February 18, 2011

Song of the Week: Wishing He Was Dead

I was trolling through the web for anything Kate Spade and I saw video (HUGE fan right here) of the launch of their pop-up shop in london. 

The first thing that got to me was the awesome decor featured at the event and the second thing was the music.

I got curious and decided to do a bit of googling which was quite easy to find.

Title of the Song: Wishing He Was Dead
Band: The Like

I fell in love and I suddenly had the urge to start an all-girl band. Me the Bassist. (Frankly, I believe its the only instrument I won't screw up playing), Best friend on vocals and an ad for a guitarist and drummer.

Anyway listening to The Like, is like being in a time-warp to the 60s. They're like the female version of the Beatles except a little less 'feel-good' music, more angst yet keeping to the vibes of that era.

If you don't understood that, watch their music video.

PS: they're going on tour in Australia. D:

Sometimes I wished I lived there. Main stream music is quite strong here in Singapore and I'm not really into that.


  1. Gawd this is nice!! I like this genre of music too! Thks for sharing :P

  2. Good music must be shared! :D


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