Thursday, February 10, 2011

The messy ponytail

I'm not really the type to keep long hair, I'm quite surprised that I've kept my hair past my shoulder. I happen to have an impulsive tendency to just go to the nearest hair salon and chop it all off.

Thank goodness, I have Mr. Wonderful to yell "NO!" to me.

Which is kinda funny cos I don't really listen to orders well. Anyway, I did instruct him to dissuade me if the taught of going to visit a salon came to mind as I intend to have enough hair for my school's Dinner and Dance to style. 
Oh and also to dissuade me from playing hair stylist as I have delusions of being a good enough hair stylist that I cut my own hair.

Anyway I digress,

I decide to do a quick scan of my favourite blogs and I came across this tutorial for a really cute hairstyle!

(via: cup of jo)

She not only posted instructions on how to go about achieving this, but photos as well for people like me who can only follow visual instructions. (Thank you God for Youtube) Its inspired by the J. Crew Spring Lookbook which is amazing!

Now to try it tomorrow for the G+ Lo Hei Session!

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