Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make a difference

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I came across this video on Ruiting's blog and I watched it because of the title of the video.
"The Girl who silenced the UN for 5 Minutes"

She made a strong case, she saw what we were doing then was harmful that only now people are sitting up and noticing that yes, the earth is dying, that yes, we must do soemthing about it.

19 years later after her speech the question is,

Have we done anything to make changes?

I'm not sure.
People can pull out all the scientific datas to make a claim that yes we have or no we haven't but one thing I'm sure is that we, you and I play a part.

But you're probably asking, how?

I've been doing my part as best as I could altho I've not publicly told anyone of my efforts which is a shame really.

But I started off by joining the 10:10 organisation which was started in 2008 in-line with the documentary, "Age of Stupid"

Their aim was to encourage people to cut their carbon emmission by 10% by 2010.
Altho they've achieved that, it doesn't mean we should stop.

They have a wealth of resources for individuals and organizations on how to cut-down and its a good place to start to make a difference.

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