Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Discussions: What's your blog to you?

Hey everyone! I thought about starting a series here about blogging. I don't claim to be an expert blogger, I know very little about SEO and I barely use Google Analytics. But what I do know is, I love to blog.

I thought that the most appropriate first discussion would be, "What's your blog to you?"

Let me get the ball rolling.

When did I start blogging?

I started blogging in 2004 when I was just in secondary school. It was my teacher who actually introduced me to blogging. Looking back at my posts from the first blog, I cringe at all the things I wrote but I did start it as a way to vent out my frustration as an angsty teenager. 

Waking Up Famous, started in 2009 after I closed my first blog. Its more of a continuation from my first but I did not want what I wrote then as a teenager to be out in public cos I did write things I regret and might hurt people if they saw it now. I still keep the archives cos its 4 years of my life.

Why Do I Blog?

I blog because I love to. Waking Up Famous is a little less personal as my previous blog but still very much me. I don't air out my problems to world anymore. Instead its more of a feel good blog where I post things I love and things that inspires me.

So now its your turn to discuss what's your blog to you! Apart from the questions above, here are a few more.

  • How did you start blogging?
  • Do you blog for money?
  • What makes you want to blog?

Next Week: What's your blogging style?


  1. I started blogging cos I loved to write and aside from my diary, no one else I could share my thoughts and ideas with! Thus my blog. But I don't blog bout personal stuff.

    I do TRY to make an income from blogging while I'm at it but thats not why I blog.

    What makes me want to blog is the excitement of sharing a piece of news or idea with the world! =D


  2. This is such a cute idea! I love blogging too! When I started blogging, I used it mainly to vent my frustrations too. It was therapeutic. Now I've moved on from my all 'venting' blogs and my current blog is mainly about things that goes on in my personal life, my thoughts and some insights, and any random things really :)

    Now, my motivation to blog comes from the fact that I want it to be a memory in my heart. I wanna look back and see all that I've done and remember who I used to be.

  3. started back in 2008.. i started blogging because my friend is blogging! lol.. for money, well maybe.. :P

    what makes me blog? erm.. the interest and the passion of sharing my thoughts and experiences :)


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