Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Links!

Hi everyone! tonight is the New Balance Sundown Marathon! I'm pretty excited and afraid cos its my first time running for a marathon. Well techincally, I'm only running 10 KM but that's more than I've ever run at one go.  So wish me luck.

Anyway here are some awesome things in and around the internet.

(Image from the burning house)

I love the burning house! The website asks people to create a list of what they'll take if their house was burning. (Love the baby in the photo above. Too cute)

A too cute organizer called Wunderlist. You can download it for your iphone and android user. Now maybe I can get organized.

My favourite digital zine has just released their 5th issue! Rue Magazine totally rawks.

These post cards by Little Brown Pen are so beautiful, you can frame them up.

And here's Racheal Yamagata with Worn Me Down.


  1. ooh nice song. she has a vocal quality that SORT OF reminds me of Cat Power.

  2. Yup! Totally love her! Cat Power? I've never heard of them before. Nvm, I shall google them!


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