Friday, May 27, 2011

Time for a change!

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Usually when I feel there's a change in the air, I'd grab a pair of scissors, skip to the bathroom (don't try 
this) and have delusional thoughts that, yes, I can cut my hair an be really great at it (also don't try 

Then after doing the dirty deed, go running to Mr. Wonderful bawling my eyes out 

(whom I believe should be a candidate for sainthood cos God knows how many times this scene has played out over the past 3 years (gosh, to think I should have learn my lesson after the first time!)),

as he sooths and hugs me, telling it was alright.

After which I head to the cheapest hair dresser (definitely not recommended)  who only speaks chinese and things get lost in translation and end up with a horrible hair cut. (You know, one day, I just might end up as a skin head) And I end up bawling my eyes out in Mr. Wonderful's arms. ( I sense a pattern here)

What's the moral of the story here? Oh yea, apart from the "don't even think about grabbing that pair of scissors!" and "don't be dumb, its worth paying to get a good hair cut", 

my point is.. hmm... I have no point. Oh well.

Anyway, I believe its time for change! I did a lot of thinking, browsing through my favourite blogs and penning down why I love them and thinking about Waking Up Famous after I posted about feeling blah about blogging.

I've decided to tweak things around in my blog. You can already see a couple of changes and I'm downloading awesome free resources online like fonts! (I'm obsessesed with typography!)

So everything's a work in progress, I'll keep the header tho cos I love that header!

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