Thursday, May 12, 2011

Colour blocking

I love dressing up but my problem is that I'm cash strapped and my standard "uniform" is a basic tee and jeans.

Because of that I tend to invest a lot on accessories and do my hair differently (Still in a messy chignon stage here, might do something drastic if the weather don't let up)

I have LOTS of bags, a few heels, lots of bangles (I'm an arm candy type of gal), necklaces and now I'm into nail polish!

I totally suck at caring for my nails. Next to my feet they're the most neglected part of me.

Anyway, I got inspired by colour blocking trends right now especially by the beautiful orange in this particular Celine pouch.

(image via keepitchic)

I definitely couldn't afford the price tag for this baby but I do recall I have a bag in my closet that I can rework.. Hmm..

Anyway, I did this to my nails!

A shock of orange

Uh.. I totally suck to applying nail polish. I usually exploit my best friend cos she's a lot better at it and to make up for it I buy her nail polish. Sometimes.

Anyway I use, China Glaze Recycle and Life Preserver.

I love the orange of this nail polish! Its more of a persimon than a life preserver orange.
As for the grey, its more of a concrete grey than in the picture.

I used my camera to take this photo. I think Wanderlust need to catch more sun. (Yes I've mentioned before that I name my electronics and Wanderlust is my DSLR, Cupcake my semi-working laptop and I'm still debating if I should name my new phone Capt'n or Ampersand)

Okay! That's all for now! I gotta go get ready for work!

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