Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End of the World

( Image from: Free Art London)

Have you all heard about the End of The World prophesy by Harold Camping going viral on the internet?

Do you believe it?

For me, I don't cos after all the Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012. *sarcasm*

I do, however believe in Judgement Day cos I'm a Catholic but I also believe that only God knows when judgement day is and its not for us to second guess or predict when.

But I do have a question, if the world were ending supposedly now on 21st October, what would you do?

Would you go on doing things as it were?

Would you try and hide and prepare a survival kit because of the prediction of the natural disasters that will occur?

Most importantly what would you do before the world end?

If it were ending, here's my end of the world list.

1. 'Fess up to my mum that when I was 7 I actually lost my first Tamagotchi instead of the lie that I told her that it was stolen in school. (Yes! I still feel guilty about it after all these years!)

2. Have an affair of a life time with Johnny Depp!

3. Start doing the things I've always wanted to do, altho I got to figure out how to fufill my dream of being a bookshop owner in 5 months.

So what's your list? I would love to hear from you

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