Sunday, May 29, 2011

When couples fight.

Although friends assume Mr. Wonderful and I are the sweetest (not to mention the weirdest) couple and that we're also the couple that looks blissfully happy together that nothing ever goes wrong, that we're the one and we're the perfect couple.... (okay I exaggerate at this point but you get what I mean).

 I must admit, its not all perfect in our little couple-dom.

But, the reason why we're still perfectly happy together is because we talk out our issues.

Initially when we got together, I assumed he can read my mind and know what I think. Trust me ladies, your men cannot read minds, if they can't even get the not-so-subtle hint of you blogging about you dream designer shoes, what makes you think they can read minds?

So, I assumed that he would know immediately what I didn't like or when I was unhappy. (He's much better at it now as compared to then) And often times, I walk off in a huff.

I also have the habit of sometimes keeping things to myself when I'm upset,

Mr. Wonderful: Baby what's wrong?
Me: Nothing.

Well anyway just recently we had quite a fight while out one day, I was kind of heartbroken at the things he said and it made me cry. He looked pretty panicked at that point. Then I explained to him that what he said was kind of shocking, that I couldn't believe he said that and why I thought what he said was wrong

(okay I know you're probably screaming in frustration and asking what the heck were we fighting about but its a rather private thing and I hope you understande)

Anyway Mr. Wonderful did realize he was wrong (aren't they always). Whenever we fight, he always feel guilty and when he feels guilty he gives me present. 

He doesn't have to but as sweet the gesture is, I'd rather he understand what's wrong and not do it again. (Umm, if you're reading this Mr. Wonderful, I don't mean it! You can still give me presents if you feel guilty for upsetting me!)

That fight made me think of how far Mr. Wonderful and I have come. 

Being a blissful couple doesn't mean we avoid issues. There may be tears, there may be frustration, there may be heart break but as long as both parties are willing to come to the middle, talk it out, even agree to to disagree, you'll come out stronger and closer as a couple.

Mr. Wonderful, I love you.

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