Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Discussions: Running Your Blog

After last week's pretty hot topic on haters, I thought I'll simmer things down abit on the topic of running your blog.

I started off Waking Up Famous by randomly posting on and off as and when I have things to blog about.

So there were weeks when I was in a blogging frenzy.

And weeks of dry spell too.

After my last dry spell,
(I sound like a loser who have not gotten laid for a loong time)

I told myself to get organized if I was gonna take my blog seriously!

So now I have a system.

Altho that system has been under pressure lately now that I have a full time job.

I'm making changes to my system to accommodate my new job.

So what's my system?

No way I'm sharing!

Just kidding.
Below is an overview of how I worked out my system.
Not gonna be detailed cos its my masterplan to world domination each person has different ways.

The first thing I did before anything else was to define my blog.
Asian blogs are very personal sometimes but that's not my thing and but I really want a rough direction of where I want my blog to be.

So second thing, I wrote


1. How often I post

Once a day, 3 times a week etc

2. Post layout

It helps to be consistent throughout so its easier on the eye for your reader, e.g. If you're gonna center align your blog post make sure its the same for your future blog posts also, set rules on the number of photos per post cos it gets extremely frustrating waiting for pictures to load.

3. Regular Features

Weekend Links, Blog Discussions, Thoughts on Love.

4. Your schedule for blogging.

Checking of email; Peparing posts in advance and how far ahead you should plan your posts, reading other blogs etc

After setting down the rules I set down my,

Goals can be anything from from increasing readership to
(This is very important for all bloggers I guess)

let's say improving your photography for your blog but make sure that your goals are - in my lecturers' words -


So basically, that's how I run my blog? What about you?

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