Friday, June 10, 2011

Uniqlo Chinos are the best!

I love love the Great Singapore Sale! Don't you?

Altho I can't  really afford to go shopping but I couldn't pass it up! Since I'm starting work next week Monday (wish me luck!), I thought its a good cause to get myself some new duds to wear!

I love the fact that attire at the office is casual but at the same time I do want to look smart as well without going to the jeans and tee routine.

So when I saw these chinos from Uniqlo on offer, I had to own a pair!
(I got the one in Khaki)


(Charlize Theron)
(image from Uniqlo)

They're smart looking but at the same time, I won't look overdressed for work! I hope to get another pair soon but I'm in need of a top and a pair of sexy wedges to go with my my new pants and I shall get some today.

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  1. uniqlo.. the name sound so familiar.. think they have it here in KL somewhere.. but havent been there before also.. haha.. :)


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