Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Monday what??

Okay you're all probably clueless to what my post on monday is all about.

Well I've kind of announced it on twitter. Do you follow my twitter? No? Then start following @wakingupfamous! (yes, its a very blatant self promotion)

Anyway, I've finally found a job! *screams*

After weeks and weeks of sending out resumes, I'm so glad that finally, I've found a job.

The funny thing is, after a such a long dry spell of no reply, I received two interview invitations in a span of two hours.

I guess my prayers have been answered.

My family is part of a self-run Filipino family rosary prayer group. Its a group that started off 18 odd years ago (!!!) so that, the then small community of pinoys in SG can bond over prayer and fellowship.

Anyway, every month the image of Mother Mary and Jesus is adopted into a family's home for a month. The host family recites the rosary for the month daily. Guess who were the host for May?

At first it was tedious but I do love reciting the rosary as a family and everyday I prayed for her intercession that I may find a job. I had almost given up hope when it was almost time for the images to leave.

God heard my prayers through her intercession.

I'm bereft tho that she has left our house but I pray that she hears the prayers of the next family and intercedes for them.

(I understand that this isn't really the usual style of what I blog about as this is highly personal to me and you know how I try not to blog about too much personal stuff on my blog. However I felt that this was something I should share to everyone. Oh and yes, I'm catholic)

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