Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Discussions: What do you blog about?

Hi everyone! This is the second installation of Blog Discussions! Click here to see the first.

So today's discussion is,

"What do you blog about?"

Out there there are millions of blogs on every topic you can think of under the sun! We all discussed the reason why you blog last week. Some blog for money, some blog just because.

I noticed that the blogging style of Asian bloggers are different from the rest.

Asians tend to blog more about their day to day activity while bloggers, lets say from Australia have a specific niche, like crafting or fashion, altho they inject little anecdotes about their life, it is not as revealing as Asian blogs.

Do you notice this too?

For me, Waking Up Famous is a little bit on the niche side, focusing on aesthetics that I love. I'm not very open about my personal life. Its not that I'm hiding something. I feel that if I do have problems, I'd rather keep it to myself.

I've gone that route before where I used to blog about personal stuff, mostly negative but I didn't feel good about it and that's when I started Waking Up Famous and closed my old blog.

So what about you? What do you blog about and what's your style?

Next week, let's discuss haters.

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  1. for me.. i rarely blog about my daily activities.. more on... erm.. parodies, jokes, dumb stuff, travel, food and more dumb stuffs :)


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